• Mild Bath Ace
  • Mild Bath Ace

    Quasi Drug

    Mild Bath Ace is medicinal bath powder. You can enjoy enzyme bath at home simply by dissolving Bath Ace in hot water when taking a bath. The body's blood circulation is promoted which warms the body. This heals the fatigue of the day, and keeps your skin healthy and clean.

Enzymatic bath effect. Medicinal and herbal effect.


Use to treat heat rash, rough skin, bruises, shoulder aches, sprains, nerve pain, eczema, frost bite, hemorrhoids, over-sensitivity to the cold, back pain, rheumatism, fatigue recovery, skin cracks, chaps, over-sensitivity to cold pre/post child birth, and acne.

<Benefits of Enzyme Bath>
Dead skin is comprised of cornified skin cells made of protein, and which have absorbed oil from the sebaceous glands. These waste products cannot be easily removed simply with soap and water. Mild Bath Ace contains proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes to break down and remove these, as well as moisturizing and creating beautiful skin, while soaking in the bathtub.

<Benefits of Herbal Medicine Bath>
“Dong quai” (Japanese angelica root “touki”) is an umbellifer herbal medichine which is highly effective and has been used in gynecological medicine from ancient times. It is especially effective for female menstrual disorder, menstrual pain, hypersensitivity to cold, menopause disorder, stress syndrome, shoulder aches, palpitation, tonic properties, hypo-sexuality, and hemorrhoids, and shows strong effect for dilatation of peripheral vessels, anemia, and relaxing nerves.

How to Use

Add one package of MILD BATH ACE to the bath at home (150 - 180 L). Mix well. Adjust according to the size of the bathtub.
* Does not contain sulfur which may damage a bathtub or bath heater.

Half-body bathing method

Beauty care in the bathtub.
Warms the body and promotes blood circulation.

  • Dilute 30 ml of the KOUSO Fermented Drink in 3 - 5 times the liquid and drink before taking bath.
  • Soak in a bath containing MILD BATH ACE dissolved in lukewarm water (about 38 - 40 °C) from below the chest for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Wipe off any perspiration.
Product Name 25g × 30 packets / ¥4,000 + tax
Ingredients Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Sodium Sulfate, Lactose, Potassium Chloride, Angelica Acutiloba, Cornstarch, Pancreatin, Fragrance, Yellow color No.202-(1)

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