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    KIRARA is a powdered food that contains Yamato Kouso's unique fermented plant extract enzyme with live bifidobacterium longum, lactoferrin, and oligosaccharides that are resistant to stomach acid. It reaches the intestines and promotes a healthy body environment.

Promotes a healthy body environment. It reaches the intestines and supports a healthy and lively lifestyle.

  • Blended our fermented plant extract of over 100 kinds of vegetables, fruits and seaweeds
  • Contains 10 billion CFU bifidobacterium longum resistant to stomach acid, lactoferrin, oligosaccharides, etc.
  • Recommended for the following persons:
    • Want to maintain a healthy intestinal environment
    • With insufficient vegetable and fruit intake
    • Who want additional lactoferrin and calcium in their diet
  • How to Drink
    • Open a packet and consume as it is.
    • Can be mixed with other liquids, such as water, vegetable juice, milk, etc., to create a delicious drink.
    • Recommended to take 1 to 3 packets a day.
How much are 10 billion CFU bifidobacterium longum? "Bifidobacterium longum" is resistant to stomach acid and is selected from healthy human intestines.
Bifidobacterium for about 8 yogurts in one packet. yogurt yogurt
Storage Methods
  • Please store it in a dry and cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
Product Name Enzymes, lactic acid bacterium (live bifidobacteria), and calcium processed food
Product Name 3g × 30packets / ¥4,700 + tax
3g × 90packets / ¥13,000 + tax
Ingredients "

Plant Fermentation Extract, Whey Calcium, Lactoprotein (Contains Lactoferrin), Bifidobacteria (Bifidobacterium Longum), Vitamin C, Yogurt Powder, Oligosaccharides, lactose, Reduced Maltose, Licorice, Bilberry Extract

Milk, Yam, Apple, Kiwifruit, Peach"

Nutritional Information Per one packet (3g):
Energy / 9 kcal Protein / 0.6 g Fat / 0 g Carbohydrate / 1.5 g Sodium / 1.8 mg Calcium / 500 mg Vitamin C / 270 mg
  • Bifidobacteria (Bifidobacterium Longum) / 10 billion CFU
  • Do not add to hot water over 60°C. This will decrease the activity of the enzymes and lactic acid bacteria.
  • Do not store in areas with high temperature or humidity, or in direct sunlight as it does not contain any synthetic preservatives or antioxidants.
  • Drink promptly after opening the individual seal and package.
  • Eat a balanced meal of staple foods including a main dish and a side dish.