• Lisset Enrich Series ALL
  • Lisset Enrich Series ALL

    Natural cosmetics containing natural moisturizing factors (enzymes, DNA, herbal extracts), without dyes or fragrance. Also recommended for dry or sensitive skin.

Points in skincare

With a little ingenuity in your skincare, your skin can be remarkably improved.
“Carefully and gently” is fundamental.

1. Gently wash your face and rinse with lukewarm water

First, gently wash your entire face, as if wrapping it in bubbles. Then thoroughly wash off the soap with lukewarm water. Hot water will remove vital moisture from the skin, causing it to become dry.

2. Apply skincare right after washing your face

After washing your face, treat your skin with toner. As time passes, your skin’s moisture will be lost, causing dry skin.

3. After applying toner, lotion, and cream, gently apply a pack with your hands.

Cover your entire face, gently pressing to soothe your skin.

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